Ignore Me, Ignore My Money

Planit Agency
July 22, 2011

Much has been said about my generation and how narcissistic we seem, but if business owners truly believe we’re all so self-centered—why are they ignoring us and, by extension, our money?

Twitter and Facebook provide me with direct access to many of the brands I know and love, but it boggles my mind when companies ignore me (and other consumers, but mostly me) on these social media platforms. 

If I’m taking the time to call out a company on Twitter or Facebook, they have either done something very wrong or very right. In both instances it would be wise for them to address my statement. Negative comments and questions should be dealt with as promptly as possible to show that the company: A) cares about its customers; and B) is listening to what is being said about it online. And positive comments are FREE ENDORSEMENTS.

I won’t call them out by name, but I have recently been ignored by a very large (read: deep pockets) shoe company and an equally large restaurant chain. The shoe company ignored a perfectly good testimonial tweet regarding their shoes and the restaurant ignored my issues with a contest they were running. Both companies pissed me off by ignoring me and now I feel a little twinge when I think about them. You would think that with all of that money rolling in, powerful companies would be hiring social media experts left and right to keep tabs on their online presence.

The bottom line is this: There are plenty of competing companies who are willing to take the time to respond to their customers online. Why should I give my money to businesses that don’t value me as a customer?