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IGTV: Is Instagram Trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!

IGTV: Is Instagram Trying to TAKE OVER THE WORLD?!
written by
Planit Agency

For the past couple of weeks, the marketing world has been buzzing about Instagram’s newest creation, IGTV, a long-form, vertical video app. Not only is it new and innovative, but it also appears to be Instagram’s latest ploy to reign as the ultimate, superhero, SOCIAL MEDIA KING.

Let’s take a quick trip through history:

  • Back in 2012, Instagram went major when Facebook (the largest social network ever), purchased the app for a measly $1 billion.
  • Then in 2016, Instagram came after Snapchat and launched Instagram Stories—which is now twice as popular as Snapchat.
  • And now it seems that Instagram is coming for YouTube, Google’s iconic video platform, with IGTV.

If you haven’t checked out IGTV yet, here’s the skinny on how it works: all users—brands, influencers, and regulars like you and me—can create their own IGTV “channel” and then simply upload videos. The videos can last anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes for the average user and up to a full hour for larger and verified accounts. When you post a new video, your Instagram followers receive a notification on their homepage, and Instagram also curates videos just for you based on who you follow and your interests (pesky algorithm!), so using IGTV is actually a great way to generate brand awareness and stay top-of-mind amidst the decline in organic reach.

Unsurprisingly, businesses have quickly taken to the platform, using IGTV in a variety of innovative and meaningful ways.

  1. Product Features: Chipotle was one of the first companies to use IGTV. The restaurant decided to show off its limitless variety of meal combinations by pulling chips, drinks, burritos, salsas, and other items out of a Chipotle bag.
  2. Product Launches: The high fashion world is killing it with product launches. Gucci and Louis Vuitton, for example, have both used IGTV to generate excitement around their new lines and latest fashion shows.
  3. Story Telling: The Home Depot Foundation shared the heartfelt story of Brandon, a Purple Heart recipient who lost his legs while serving in Iraq. The video successfully highlighted the foundation’s commitment to supporting veteran-related causes.
  4. How-to Demos: IGTV is a great place to provide visual explanation. Sephora, for example, is creating daily demonstrations, showing its followers how to properly use and apply its products. And the global entertainment company Tastemade is walking users through how to make unique recipes.
  5. Get People Talking: Netflix used the full 60-minute time limit to feature Cole Sprouse sensually eating a hamburger. Why? Not really sure, but the video brought in almost one million views and 6,300 (thirsty) comments. It also served as a great way to promote Riverdale, which is now streaming on Netflix.

My prediction? As long as marketers continue to produce high quality, engaging content, IGTV will bring Instagram one step closer to world domination and become a long-lasting staple in brands’ content marketing strategy.

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