Interactive Roundup 2/19/10

Planit Agency
February 19, 2010

Some interesting things I've found this week when scouring the web.

Code Organ – See what the Planit Website sounds like.

Keep up with Adobe at the mobile world conference. I've been seeing a lot of flash on mobile platforms.


Welcome Tableau Public to the multitude of Social Data Vis tools out there now, such as  Swivel, Daytum and StatPlot. Although, this seems to live in a more robust desktop application.  It would be nice if you could use private data without making it public to use on your own presentations, but still seems to be useful when you need to embed some nice infographics on a website and don't have the time to create them yourself.

In other infographic news, Google released their own chart tools.


Beautiful website for Manchester City Soccer.


Great resource for seeing AS3 code samples.  And Stack Overflow has become my favorite forum for posting developer questions, incredibly responsive replies.


Opera Unite, turn your opera web browser into a server, share files, host websites (well, host them until you close your browser).  I find myself flipping between two browsers already, Chrome and Firefox, now I might need to add a third one to the bunch, BROWSER OVERLOAD!


Need to give a client the ability to edit a site, but don't want to build a giant cms. Use Edit-ease.  Simply put some javascript on your page, click admin, and edit away.  Just saves the content back to the HTML page, and has a nice WYSIWIG.


Really amazing TED talk on Bing Maps. It's been a while since I have checked out the mapping functionality on BING, the photosynth feature is impressive.


If you weren't sure what HTML 5 was capable of, this will show you (so will this)


Nice Style on the Wrangler jeans site.


Really great image search site