Interactive Roundup 2/23/10

Planit Agency
February 23, 2010

Just a hodge-podge of things found on the web.

Flash on the Nexus One looks great, not sure what all the hoopla is about with not being able to use flash on the iphone and ipad.  I guess this is a little off-base after watching the video, but brings up an interesting point about the hover state not being supported on the iphone and ipad.

Record Tripping ,Ingenious flash game using record scratching and storytelling ("Alice in Wonderland").

Crazy lego model

"To better explain the poor name for this plugin, I'm not exactly sure what to call this. Consider it an HTML5, CSS3 tech-demo / experiment with scale, rotation and transformation."

Beautiful Safer Roads PSA

Do you use Tumblr? Great looking theme here.

I'm a noob to design patterns, and being a self taught programmer I've slept on learning things like this. But, after picking up this book at the library, I realized how helpful it is to know these by heart. Instead of me trying to figure out how to solve a problem from scratch, I realized that the same problems have cropped up for every developer in every language, and this book covers how to avoid most of the same mistakes and architect your programming in a way that prevents a lot of the same problems from occurring.  If you haven't formally used design patterns, but do a lot of programming, you'll immediately recognize a lot of these patterns that you might have loosely used in the past.   If you don't want to buy the book, you can see all of the patterns at this website.