Interactive Roundup 5/4/10

Planit Agency
May 4, 2010


The roundup this time around focuses on Flash, HTML5, and Javascript. Some unique things about each of them, and examples in which they work together. This is a mixed bag of tutorials, scripts, libraries, interesting sites, and interesting tools that have to do with each of these.


What does beautiful HTML5 markup look like? Click here



JS Cotton A library for animating and drawing using html5 canvas. I have had limited use with it but the code is clean. 

Modernizr Offers functionality for fine-control over what people see depending on what HTML5 features their browser supports. An example: you can put "If Statements" into your CSS.

52 Framework – HTML5 JS Framework.  Allows you to easily implement a lot of the features of CSS3 and HTML5 in most browsers using built in hacks.

How to Make an HTML5 Iphone App 

Flash -> HTML5

Exploring the HTML5 Canvas for Flash Developers

Using HTML5's geo-location with Flash

Sprout – Serve up ads with either Flash or HTML5, depending on the format. 


Yahoo Pipes  I am way behind on using yahoo pipes, but after playing with it for a week now and learning just how it works I am having a lot of fun. It's a pretty powerful little tool that has a great interface.  The great thing is, the actual tutorials for yahoo pipes, are patterns of pipes themselves that you can play with.  For example, if I wanted to combine my own blogs rss feed with some search results from twitter, then I can do it in this interface.

– To go along with this there is JSPlumb, which helps you to link thinks together just like Yahoo Pipes does.

Twitter API Explorer  A useful tool for experimenting with the twitter api on the fly before bringing it into your own projects. 

Some nice JS Libraries:

JS Storage Javascript library for storing user data on the client side. "jStorage makes use of HTML5 local storage where available and userData behavior in Internet Explorer older versions. Webkit SQLite is not supported"

Require JS A great tool for managing large JS projects, loading scripts at the proper times, etc.

Open Faces "OpenFaces is an open-source library of AJAX-powered JSF components, an Ajax framework and a client-side validation framework. "

iProcessing "iProcessing is an open programming framework to help people develop native iPhone applications using the Processing language. It is an integration of the Processing.js library and a Javascript application framework for iPhone."

JQuery Lint Nice little library that sits on top of Jquery and helps with error reporting.


Adverputt  nice 3d putting game that incorporates advertising)

The Johnny Cash Project – Users rotoscope a jonny cash vid in flash

Berghaus – Climb Mount Asgard  (cool little mountain climbing game)

Bio-Bak – Crazy Experimental/Exploratory Flash Site

All Of the Above

Zing Charts Charts that provide results in HTML5 and Flash.

JQuery Transmit "Welcome! Transmit (jquery-transmit) is a sophisticated jQuery plugin providing an elegant multi-file upload utility. At the core of the plugin is a small SWF file which provides single or multiple file selection and upload services. Getting started with the plugin couldn't be easier"

Trimming in Actionscript – Jquery Style Just a nice little tutorial on how to use jQuery style string trimming in AS3.


SVG Wow Demos from the SVG wow session in 2009 that showcase what can be done in SVG using HTML.