My cynical 2 cents on the Super Bowl commercials

Planit Agency
February 7, 2011

Time for another great American ritual — Super Bowl commercials.

After a pre-game filed with a cool history lesson on the Declaration of Independence followed an unbearable rendition of the National Anthem, it was time for a little football…and a lot of ads.

Here's what I thought (not that you asked):

Budweiser: "Wild West" – felt forced. Bud Light: "Product Placement" – lame Bud Light: "Hack Job" – clever Bud Light: "Dog Sitter" – obvious Super Bowl type ad Stella Artois: "Crying Jean" – my wife liked it Audi: "Release the Hounds" – kept my attention Best Buy: "Ozzy vs. Bieber" – Ozzy always trumps Bieber BMW: "Defying Logic" – yawn BMW: "Changes" – David Bowie, really!?! Mini: "Cram it in the Boot" – funny Bridgestone: "Reply All" – stupid Bridgestone: "Carma" – enough with drivers communicating with animals Lipton Brisk: "Eminem" – cool animation "Parking Lot" – no one can relate to that pathetic dude Carmax: "Kid in a Candy Store" – made me chuckle Carmax: "Gas Station" – funny "Go First"- it's been done so many times "Reviews Are In" – about as generic as cars dot com itself Chrysler: "Born of Fire" – best in show Coca-Cola: "Siege" – coke as a weapon? Coca-Cola: "Border" – welcome to 1987 Doritos: "Pug Attack" – a solid B Doritos: "The Best Part" – True. True. Doritos: "House Sitting" – been done E-Trade: "Cat" – I guess talking babies never get old E-Trade: "Tailor" – see earlier comment Chevrolet: "Status" – can a car really do that? (on a side note—dude, shave that ‘stash) Chevrolet: "Discovery" – kept me watching Chevrolet: "Misunderstanding" – misunderstood Chevrolet: "Tommy" – stay in the well Chevrolet: "Al's Chevy" – what was the ad for? "New .CO Girl" – I threw up in my mouth "The Contract" – what is expected from them Groupon: "Tibet" – good HomeAway: "Smush" – so so Hyundai: "Anachronistic City" – anything with the big cell phone makes me smile Hyundai: "Deprogramming" – it kept my attention Hyundai: "Hypnotized" –  it also kept my attention, but what was it for? Kia: "One Epic Ride" – big production for big production’s sake Mercedes-Benz: "Welcome" – great demonstration of successful history Motorola: "Empower the People" – I like the not-so-subtle jab at Apple NFL: "American Family" – cool Pepsi Max: "Love Hurts" – typical Pepsi ad Pepsi Max: "First Date" – another typical Pepsi ad Pepsi Max: "Torpedo Cooler" – really, a can in the balls? Salesforce: "Impossible Things" – as bad as the halftime show! Salesforce: "Cloud Interview" – as bad as the halftime show! Skechers: "The Breakup" – are Sketchers that hot? Snickers: "Logging" – the Betty White version was better Teleflora: "Help Me Faith" – hilarious Volkswagen: "Black Beetle" – hmmmmm Volkswagen: "The Force" – great…too bad it was all over the web in advance of the game See all the ads for yourself – What do you think?