Silly Rabbit, Silly Bandz Are Not Just For Kids

Planit Agency
August 11, 2010

The past couple of weekends I jokingly started trading Silly Bandz among my twenty-something friends. Why did I even have these in my possession you might ask? Well first of all, my boss Ed beat most of us to it earlier this summer and wore a band that his kids gave him. In addition, my roommate is an elementary school teacher and buys them for her students. The final straw that made me give in was when I saw a Baltimore Ravens Silly Bandz pack at my gym. When my roommate purchased them, I begged her to give me Joe Flacco.

So here we are a couple of weekends later and I now have a penguin who changes colors in the light, Joe Flacco (he will not be traded), a yellow giraffe from a guy at a birthday party, and a blue dog. I will admit I don't wear each of them all the time, but when I do, I notice that something as small as a color-changing penguin and a purple rubber Joe Flacco tend to brighten my day a bit.

Are you wearing Silly Bandz?  Don't be shy, The New York Times dove into this trend earlier this summer. Check out the article here.