Slimming down that big, bulky purse

Planit Agency
July 9, 2012


Phone? Check! Keys? Check! Wallet? Check! Hand sanitizer? Check! Snack for later? Check! These are all things that flood my mind as I leave for work in the morning. I’ve longed for a solution to stop my internal checklist from producing anxiety, some sort of invention that would eliminate the need to repeatedly check for the myriad items in my purse. Ladies and gentlemen: It’s here! With the rapid evolution of technology, some say the sole device you will need when leaving your house is your mobile phone. With the popular upcoming trend of mobile payment, the wallet may become expendable (get it?) 


Mobile payment is an electronic method designed for the benefit of both the consumer and the retailer; picture the ease of self-checkout combined with swipe-and-go payment. Whether you are at a grocery store, the mall, or a local Starbucks, the mobile payment application gives consumers the option to ditch that bulky wallet and pay by a simple swipe of their mobile phone. This virtual credit card improves the consumer's shopping experience while simultaneously giving the retailer a faster turnover on their merchandise.


This video shows the effortless payment method used at a train station and with other daily transactions where mobile payment is accepted.  


I initially started researching this trend on behalf of a client, but now the entire concept fascinates me. Virtually no lines, no cluttered purse, no receipts, no stacks of credit cards. Why hasn’t this seemingly perfect phenomenon caught on yet? If someone would give me confirmation that my information is safe, then I’m in.