Taking the high fashion ads down a peg

Planit Agency
August 30, 2011

Most of us average Americans can’t afford the steeply priced high fashions that grace the pages of some of my favorite glossy magazines, although it’s fun to dream. But lately I’ve noticed that it’s getting more challenging to imagine myself decked out in the latest high-end fashions, perhaps because the ads are becoming less relatable—and a bit ridiculous. I mean, really! Exactly how many times have you sprawled out on your couch like this? 

(PRADA Advertisement from Vogue Magazine August 2011) 

“Oh hey! Here I am, just chillin’ with my ladies, uncomfortably wedged between the coffee table and the couch. Looks like you caught us in a real moment, didn’t you? Guess the only thing left to do is stare hauntingly at you.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love when magazines are filled with beautiful, compelling fashions and cutting-edge imagery. That’s half the reason I buy them. I even enjoy it when brands choose interesting ad layouts and photo shoots. I’m just asking the simple question: Has it gone too far? Are the high-end fashion designers taking themselves too seriously? 

Last week, I would have answered yes, but then I stumbled across this video campaign for Lanvin and I was pleasantly surprised. It pokes fun at itself and the industry. And yet the clothing still looks beautiful. 

Granted, no one is perfect. I was pretty disappointed when I looked into the Lanvin print ads and found that they weren’t as silly as the video. If only their team had utilized a QR code to link to the video. C’est la vie.

This video did get me thinking though. What’s next for high-fashion ads? Are the current and upcoming generations still enticed by these hoity-toity ads? I’m not sure. Let me know what you think when I get back from my contortionist couch-sitting class.