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Trust no brand

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Trust no brand
written by
Planit Agency

At least not today.

Happy April Fools’ Day! You’ve probably noticed a number of brands having fun and joining the quirky conversation that takes place every April 1.

Here’s a look at some Planiteer favorites from today:

Amazon Goes Retro


Checking the delivery status of that new Kindle? Ordering bulk Easter candy? If you visited today, you were greeted with a blast from the past. Amazon went “retro,” using its old layout from 1999, the year the site launched. The change got people talking as they tried to figure out why Amazon did this, if it affected any previous orders, and if this was real or simply a prank. Don’t worry—technology is still progressing and we haven’t gone back in time to a world of flip phones and T-9 texting.

The National Air and Space Museum Displays an Invisible Jet

The National Air and Space Museum made news headlines as it announced the arrival of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet. The true genius behind this idea? The museum had to do absolutely nothing. All this prank needed was a press release!

Target’s FannyBasket


An invention so genius that some customers, one Planiteer included, wish it were a reality.


With all the high-tech gizmos and gadgets coming out, why wouldn’t this be a realistic idea? Houzz’s hoax involves the launch of a new pair of glasses that allow users to see renovations they imagine when they wear the special lenses.

While some of these ideas sound great, and others may make you think, just remember: This is the one news day of the year where you can trust NOTHING! What are some branded pranks that caught your eye this year? Let us know in the comments.