Want to Work at Planit? 7 Tips for Aspiring Interns

Planit Agency
April 19, 2016
Want to Work at Planit? 7 Tips for Aspiring Interns Featured Image

We’ve sprung forward, which means the Spring semester is winding down, and college students are on the hunt for summer internships.


As the hiring manager for Planit’s Intern Program, I’ve filtered through a plethora of applications, résumés, and cover letters from intern applicants. Here are my top seven tips to help you avoid some common intern application pitfalls:

  1. Do your homework: When we pitch a new client, we immerse ourselves in their industry. You should do the same when searching for a job. Spend time researching our company and deliver a thoughtful response that proves you know what you’re walking into.
  2. Follow directions: In the agency world, deadlines are crucial. Apply during the application period. And answer all the questions—honestly.
  3. Slow down: Use spell check. Write in complete sentences. Ask someone to proof your application. And don’t forget the attachments! The little things are actually a big deal.
  4. Make yourself available: If you can’t respond to a potential employer in a timely fashion, you won’t get an interview. Don’t make excuses. We’re all busy.
  5. Arrive early, but not too early: Arriving 15 minutes early is considerate. Camping out in the lobby for an hour might be a little creepy. That’s not to say you shouldn’t allow extra time for the unpredictable flat tire, but be mindful of when you walk through our front door.
  6. Be yourself: Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. We’re looking for creative people, not con artists.
  7. Be passionate: We love what we do. And we want our interns to love it just as much, if not more.


Internships are a stepping stone to your future. Make a good first impression and you’ll be well on your way to a successful career.