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Why Hulu Advertising Needs To Be In Your 2016 Advertising Strategy

Why Hulu Advertising Needs To Be In Your 2016 Advertising Strategy
written by
Planit Agency

It’s no secret that online streaming services like Hulu are increasingly becoming more popular than traditional cable television. According to this USA Today article, more than half of all Americans (58%) watch streaming video. And more and more millennials are watching shows on Hulu when they feel like it, rather than when the shows air on TV. As more people continue using online streaming services, it’s important for brands to consider utilizing Hulu as part of their advertising strategy.


So, what do advertisers need to know? Hulu recently introduced an entirely commercial-free service for the first time, which will increase their competitiveness among consumers. Although this may sound like bad news to advertisers, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins assured that it was not a way to break away from the ad business. In fact, Hopkins said that advertising would “continue to be central to our business.”


With the recent addition of the commercial-free service, how will Hulu remain a great place for advertisers?

  1. They’re open for programmatic advertising. Hulu recently partnered with Oracle Data Management Platform and Facebook-owned video-ad platform LiveRail to offer programmatic advertising options. This new option will increase efficiency and ROI for marketers.
  2. They offer Custom Integrated Commercials. This product gives brands the opportunity to collaborate with Hulu on a co-branded video ad to run on the video streaming service. The idea is to create a fun, engaging story that integrates the brand and resonates with the Hulu viewer.
  3. Best-in-class targeting. Hulu provides insights to advertisers that allow them to target the right audiences for their brands, which ultimately delivers stronger campaign results.
  4. Choice-based ads. Hulu gives viewers the option to control their ad experience by letting them choose the ads they wish to see. This empowers viewers to collaborate with the brands they care about.


Don’t let Hulu’s commercial-free service scare you away. Hulu believes that a majority of its 9 million subscribers will remain on the paid, ad-supported service. Based on research the company conducted, the ultimate decider of whether or not viewers would pay for the pricier, ad-free service was their sentiment towards ads. By filtering out the people who respond negatively toward ads, Hulu has helped advertisers get in front of the people who matter most.



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