Making some noise.

Planit gave regional Acura dealers some creative horsepower.



Project Name:


What do you do when you're caught in the middle?

Research showed that Acura was not necessarily losing to other luxury brands, but instead to brands like Honda, Toyota and Nissan.

Acura looked to Planit to come up with a strategy that promotes affordable luxury and thus competes with the mainstream segment. In other words: Help consumers realize that they could get more features, more luxury, and all the perks of associating themselves with a more aspirational brand for about the same cost as a Honda, Toyota, or Nissan.


  • Television


    Highlight the cars and the deals. And while you're at it, make it modern and cool.

  • Responsive-Driven Dealer Websites

    Responsive-Driven Dealer Websites

    Get them online to find out more. Then drive traffic (and feet) to the nearest dealership.

    Key Results:

    + 1,000% Increase In Site Traffic in First 3 Months

  • Radio


    People are listening while they're driving their cars, why not get 'em where the gettin's good?

  • Online Advertising

    Online Advertising

    They're already doing research and shopping around online. Stay in front of them every chance you get.

  • In Store P.O.P.

    In Store P.O.P.

    Seal the deal when they're on the showroom floor.

The key to evolving a brand? A full-throttle campaign.

While Acura’s national campaign is busy selling the overall Acura brand, Planit is busy helping regional Acura dealership groups move product. Through bold, promotion-based creative, we’re changing the way people think about the brand. In one fell swoop, this campaign gets Acura noticed and drives home (yes, we just said that) the idea that only one luxury/performance brand delivers more BOOM for your buck.

In its first quarter, the BOOM campaign was so successful and well-received, Maryland’s neighboring regional dealer groups (Virginia and Washington D.C.) decided to get in on the action—giving Planit’s BOOM campaign a huge presence throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

+ 8%

Online Ad Conversion Rate

+ 18%

Increase in Click-Through Rates