Things just got interesting.

Planit creates NPR's first-ever ad campaign. (No pressure or anything…)



We all remember our first time.

NPR had never executed an ad campaign before and was seeking the guidance of an experienced agency that understood the unique problems faced by member stations.

NPR had received a grant from the Ford Foundation with the goal of growing listenership in four key markets as a test to see if advertising would be effective in raising the profile of NPR and the member stations in those markets.


  • Strategic Media Planning and Buying

    Strategic Media Planning and Buying

    We executed a cross-functional media buy utilizing vehicles such as outdoor, digital, social media, and traditional advertising that span multiple markets across the United States.

  • Online Radio Advertising

    Online Radio Advertising

    Online streaming, as measured by Triton, increased by 47% in Orlando during the duration of the campaign. This was a result of a unique media mix utilized in Orlando driving visitors to a campaign microsite.

  • Social Media Initiatives

    Social Media Initiatives

    The campaign helped grow the social media followings for the four stations by an average of more than 1,000 new followers per station. The social media channels for each station were included in the messaging for each market while Facebook Ads drove users to Facebook Tabs showcasing the landing page.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

    Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

    More than 158 million impressions were delivered via outdoor signage. This included a significant billboard component as well as interior transit ads, mall signage, and other outdoor media across the four markets. This outdoor component was the most significant branding component of the campaign.

Small markets. Big changes.

It can be extraordinarily difficult to take small radio stations that run NPR programs and raise awareness significantly if they’ve never advertised before. Through versatile and super-smart creative, Planit was able to move the needle and grow the number of listeners for these stations over the duration of the campaign.

Arbitron cume increased

+ 40%

in Dallas during the duration of the campaign.