Planit keeps cranking out the hits for Universal Music Group.



Keeping up with the speed of sound.

Digital music marketers are facing audiences with an insatiable appetite for content and, in most cases, audiences want that content in real time.

Band websites, once somewhat irrelevant, are now seen as a single destination for fans to access a holistic artist experience they can’t get from streaming services like Spotify or touring platforms like Bandsintown. Where Spotify stops at the songs, Planit is creating mobile strategies that not only provide fans with easier access to music, but also bands’ stories, dialogue, and merchandise. When done right, the integration looks seamless and simple; however, the actual process is anything but.



  • Developed Rihanna's Album Launch Campaign Microsite

    Developed Rihanna's Album Launch Campaign Microsite

    7 shows on 7 continents in 7 days. We helped post it all in real time while millions of fans all over the globe uploaded and immersed themselves in Rihanna's world.

  • Designed and Developed Neon Tree's Official Site

    Designed and Developed Neon Tree's Official Site

    A veritable tour de force of interactive content, the Neon Trees site features music videos, promotional news, an upcoming schedule of concerts, and numerous social networking options.

  • Designed and Developed Weezer's Official Site

    Designed and Developed Weezer's Official Site

    We infused Weezer's distinctive style and quirky personality into their website to create a unique user experience where custom-painted album artwork acts as a site takeover.

Big personalities mean even bigger websites.

Artists today represent more than a musical preference. To their fans they represent a lifestyle. Collaborating with UMG and various management groups, Planit develops online experiences that are authentic to the very artists they promote. And, we’re able to focus our digital efforts on what works for a particular fan base through careful research, planning and of course a little strategic vision. So, whether it’s a highly customized social initiative for Ludacris or an album launch microsite for Weezer, the creative execution brings these musical icons to life in a way their fans have come to expect.

Planit put

Rihanna’s global appeal on display, giving fans from Saudi Arabia to Suriname a voice and then displaying all the engagement on a map.