Baltimore, MD – November 10, 2017 – Matt Doud, president and co-founder of Planit, was honored last night at the awards ceremony for Maryland’s 2017 Most Admired CEOs by The Daily Record.

Doud was chosen as an honoree by an outside panel of judges for his professional accomplishments, community service and mentorship. His nomination was supported by letters of reference submitted by co-workers, board members and community leaders demonstrating his leadership and vision.

“It’s both exciting and humbling to be nominated as a Most Admired CEO by The Daily Record,” said Doud. “I’m proud to lead the fastest growing, most resilient and innovative marketing firm in Maryland, and I couldn’t have achieved this without the support of my team, my business partner Ed and this great community I call home. I’m inspired every day by those around me.”

Jack Spaulding, executive director of strategy at Planit, provided a letter of support for Doud’s nomination. “Matt believes that a CEO may be the leader of his team, but that he must serve them more than just lead them. He genuinely listens. He stays involved. His door is open to even the newest, youngest employee—and on rare occasion when it isn’t, it’s built out of glass for a reason. Transparency matters to him,” said Spaulding.

The Daily Record created the Most Admired CEOs awards program to recognize talented business CEOs and nonprofit executive directors throughout Maryland for their leadership and professionalism. For more information about the program visit