Planit recently launched a new and improved website for local salad dressing, marinade, and spread company Tessemae’s All Natural. The most noticeable improvement to the site is the overall look and feel, in addition to the enhanced shopping experience. Planit incorporated Shopify, a web-based eCommerce platform, into the site so that the entire transaction remains on the site and shoppers have the option to save their information for repeat purchases. Tessemae’s has grown exponentially in recent months, adding a multitude of new flavors to the lineup. With 53 products now available for purchase, Planit added categories and search functionality to the site to enhance the buying experience and offer opportunities for shoppers to view items they wouldn't have originally thought to buy. In the first week after the new site launched, online sales more than doubled from the previous week.


Tessemae’s All Natural got its start in Annapolis, Maryland, when Teresa Vetter, a mother of three, needed something delicious to encourage her family to eat their vegetables. Instead of giving them a store-bought dressing full of preservatives, she set out in the kitchen mixing up her own recipe using fresh, all-natural ingredients. Years later, eldest son, Greg, took it upon himself to bottle the dressing and take it to market after being hounded by friends and family for the recipe. The product line is now available in Whole Foods Markets and used in restaurants across the region.