Leads Branding and Integrated Marketing Strategy for Two National Technology Companies

BALTIMORE (December 8, 2014)– Today Planit announced the addition of two new clients experiencing massive growth in the mobile technology industry. Planit is proud to collaborate with Smartlink, a staffing and services company working with Fortune 100 communications companies, and Omnilert, an award-winning company most notably known for the invention of the world’s first mobile-based campus emergency notification system.

Smartlink has tasked Planit with creating contagious creative, messaging and communication that will speak to existing customers while also resonating with critical new audiences to utilize their services. In addition to positioning Omnilert as a renowned and trusted brand keeping people safe and connected in today’s digital world, Planit will springboard off of the over 20,000 organizations, campuses, and companies like the American Red Cross already utilizing Omnilert to connect with and influence key decision makers nationwide.

“Being in perpetual forward motion and advancing by accepting that change is at the center of Planit’s mission,” says Sarah Quackenbush, director of client engagement at Planit “With the mobile industry consistently disrupted by the discovery of new technology, Planit is uniquely positioned to start breaking barriers, pushing the envelope in this space, and taking each of these brands to the next level.”