Have you ever wished you were a fly on the wall at Planit, a leading ad agency named by Baltimore Magazine as one of the city’s Best Places to Work three years in a row? Now thanks to Business Photos from Google, anyone with internet access can take a walk through the place that Ad Age calls the Southeast’s Small Agency of the Year. Planit is thrilled to be the first business in Baltimore to utilize Google’s Business Photos to give viewers a 360-degree interactive tour of its unique office space overlooking the Inner Harbor.

“If you consider that pretty much everyone uses Google to search for and find businesses online, it seemed like a no-brainer that Planit should jump on this opportunity,” said Matt Doud, president of Planit. “This is also a great way for our current and potential clients to get to know who we are as an agency. You can learn so much more about a person if you visit their home than if you meet them out on the street. Google’s Business Photos program gives our fans a glimpse behind the curtain so they can get to know our personalities, our culture, the way we work, and why we’re recognized as the best.”

Google’s Business Photos program has huge implications for small businesses in terms of boosting online visibility. It enables internet users to interact with companies like never before. With the click of a mouse, a comprehensive virtual tour of your favorite business appears. This feature offers companies the chance to stand out on Google Search by displaying images from the interior directly on the search results page. Additionally, it enhances a business' Google Places and Google Maps page, giving prospective clients a better feel and view of the company.

In true Planit fashion, the agency added a fun twist to the online office tour to capture what it’s like to work in such a creative and fun environment. While navigating through the office, Planit’s virtual visitors will pass by the fully stocked lobby bar, walk through the account services bullpen, peak inside some swanky conference rooms, and even catch a glimpse of employees playing miniature golf, strumming the guitar and attempting to take flight while outfitted with a giant pair of angel wings.

Start your visual tour below:

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