Royal Building Products

Elevating a House of Brands.

How do you build the best online home for the best home building products?

Elevating a House of Brands.

Client's Challenge

Royal Building Products, a powerhouse in the home building products industry, needed a site as innovative as their brands. But with sub-brands across multiple domains, dated interfaces, and limited ways to connect with customers, we needed to rebuild from the ground up.

Planit's Solution

A better user experience—for two distinct audiences. To give both Pros and Homeowners their own truly immersive and information-rich experience, we built a robust, multi-lingual, ecommerce-inspired platform.

360 degrees of engagement.

Innovative products, meet innovative experience. Pros were invited to fully immerse themselves “In the Lab” with a special set of VR viewers.

Virtual reality, inspired by reality.

Roy and Al were inspired by the real scientists in Royal’s R&D department and their rigorous (but not nearly as comical) testing procedures for quality and performance.



Accounting for 5% of Royal's overall page views



Through PR support



"Watch the Experiments," the main CTA, is clicked 52% of the time someone lands on the page