CES 2011: I learned about more than just the latest gadgets

Planit Agency
January 17, 2011


Recently I was lucky enough to attend the Consumer Electronics Show with one of our clients, M-Edge Accessories. Well maybe not “attend,” but more like “work” the show. With this being my second year attending the show, I thought I had learned almost all there is to know about exhibiting and working the event. Most of the trip went just about the same as last year; our team worked long days and still fit in a few fun dinners together during our time in Las Vegas. There are plenty of online articles where you can read up about the event, about which gadgets were “Best of Show,” and even which celebrities were in attendance.  Instead, I thought I’d share a more personal  take on my experience and what I learned this second time around:

Just because you wear “Dr. Scholl’s®” flats, doesn’t mean your feet (nor your body) will be floating in comfort during the 12+ hours you spend each day on your feet. The time you gain by staying at the Las Vegas Hilton located right next to the Convention Center is the time lost waiting in lines at the coffee shop in the hotel lobby. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with this bright lodging idea. People do exist who still do not know about the iPad. Everyone flying to CES will be carrying on their luggage. You might as well just check yours because you will either A) get stuck sitting in the back of the plane where the only empty overhead space is OR B) be forced to check your luggage due to lack of overhead space Don’t even think about getting a cab in less than 30 minutes. Never underestimate the power of an adult-sized peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips. CES attendees and exhibitors are hooked on Starbucks. Everyone back at your office will assume you are barely working and having a blast because you’re in Vegas. Most likely, this is not the case.  However, no amount of proof or photos will make them believe you. Soda machines do run out of soda. You really never know who you’re going to meet/see at CES. Apparently “sexy” attire doesn’t just sell at the AVN convention (located in Vegas, same weekend as CES). For the most part, chivalry does not exist at CES.