Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I Purpose Statement

The world is fueled by diverse backgrounds, experiences, and minds. It’s constantly changing and ever evolving. And so must we.

We strive to be in a continuous pursuit of perspective. A nonstop mission to achieve our collective best. To foster an environment where everyone and anyone can feel welcome to bring their best, uniquest, amazing-est selves and feel heard as they create the biggest, bravest solutions.

To be a creative change agent is to connect cultures and impact behaviors in unexpected ways. It’s to listen, learn, improve, and inspire. It’s to challenge what we believe. So we must remain committed to creating conversations—among consumers, clients, partners, and ourselves—that make us better, stronger, and more accountable for our actions. And we welcome and include everyone who will champion equity in that dialogue.

Many Voices. One Planit.

3 Key Areas of Focus


Strategic Objective: To facilitate access to information to help maintain dialogue and actionable learning.

Internal Engagement

Strategic Objective: Empowering employees and building positive connections through intentional actions

External Engagement

Strategic Objective: Building awareness, amplifying our efforts and  reaching a wider audience

DEI Explorer Program

Planit’s DEI Explorer Program is a unique “curriculum” open to Planiteers, friends, and family who are looking for ways to become allies and promote diversity. It’s voluntary, flexible, free, and constantly evolving. Here’s how it works:

Stage I

The candidate is asked to choose and participate in a specified number of experiences, including visiting DEI-themed museums, attending cultural events, and reading DEI-themed books.

Stage II

The candidate is asked to assume a DEI leadership role at Planit via a lunch-and-learn, blog post, or other enlightening contribution. Everyone benefits from their efforts.

Stage III

The newly-recognized Explorer is rewarded for their efforts with a certificate, a desktop award, and an extra day of vacation.