Specialized in-house teams that help you engage your customers faster & with greater results

Specialized in-house teams that help you engage your customers faster & with greater results

Our Sweet Spot

Success is always possible when you don’t have competitors or you have an unlimited marketing budget. But, we know your life isn’t that easy.

You’re here because you have a desire to be bold. You want to disrupt your category. We can help you tap into insights about your business, your changing customers, and transform what was previously unexamined into something totally unexpected.

At its heart, we need to help you explore why you’re uniquely able to provide what your competitors can’t. We don’t like to just market your features and benefits. That’s what they do. We market your intuitive grasp of what your customer needs. What they desire. Then we turn that into our creative advantage.

This untapped universe will guide future messaging, the tactics we phase in and out, the type of content we create, and the architecture for respectfully disruptive customer and web experiences.

Unique Capabilities

“I didn’t know ad agencies did this in-house.” They don’t. But, we do.
Business Intelligence

Understanding marketing’s impact on your business results is vital. We know this goes far beyond impressions, clicks, likes, and pageviews. It extends from mining deep customer insights that inform a plan or idea to building custom dashboards for real-time visibility of how Planit’s solutions are driving visits, sales, sentiment, and more.

Content Marketing

Customers have greater expectations from brands: 24/7, always-on content to help drive their decisions. Our in-house content studio is staffed with writers, SEO specialists, and multimedia designers able to produce content designed for effective social channel content and larger demand generation digital strategies.

Broadcast Production

As a crucial communication channel, the demand for high-end video increases daily with every click, view, and share your target audience makes. From crafting broadcast TV spots and online assets to long-format brand stories and product demos, we bring your brand to life, grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged.

Crisis Communications

Nearly 70% of organizations have experienced a crisis—yet only 10% are prepared for one. But you have more control than you think. When done right, your brand can come out on top. Our team of PR strategists can help you plan for and manage an effective crisis response that calibrates smart actions with smart communication.

Custom Web Development

Planit’s full-stack digital team facilitates deep discovery, invents technology solutions, creates CMS- and CRM-driven sites, and builds within your organization’s marketing technology infrastructure to boost engagement through content-first UX strategies, fuel media campaigns, maximize leads/sales, and nurture customer experiences.