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Planit’s Take On The Most Innovative New Product Ideas At CES 2016

Planit’s Take On The Most Innovative New Product Ideas At CES 2016
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Planit Agency

Last week, techies and marketers from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas for the biggest annual tech show of the year: CES 2016. We checked out the 3,600+ exhibiting companies, ranging from manufacturers of technology hardware to delivery systems and much more, to bring you our take on the most innovative new products at the show. Some of the most popular categories included drones, 3D printers, wearables, and the Internet of Things.


Samsung’s New Family Hub Refrigerator

Although ultra-thin TVs, high-tech cars, and virtual reality (VR) may have turned the most heads at CES, Digital Creative Director Jessica Brown was impressed by the more practical instances of technology on display–especially the Family Hub, Samsung’s smart fridge. The Family Hub will bring the Internet of Things to the kitchen by offeringCES-2 cameras, sensors, and smart capabilities to help keep track of how much food is left in the fridge. Plus, the fridge comes complete with a built-in speaker system, weather and news alerts, and recipe suggestions shown on a touchscreen display. The Family Hub is a very practical and exciting instance of technology that will create a more seamless and connected lifestyle for families everywhere, said Jessica.


VIRTUAL REALITY: Immersive Music Entertainment

One of the most innovative and disruptive VR announcements at CES was the partnership between Universal Music Group and iHeartMedia. Together, the companies will leverage their strengths to connect artists, fans, brands, and sponsors through a series of immersive music experiences. This state-of-the-art VR technology will create authentic at-scale experiences for the public for the first time.


Under Armour’s New HealthBox System

Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, announced the Baltimore-based company’s biggest push yet into connected fitness and health by introducing the HealthBox. The $400 HealthBox is a fitness tracking system focused on performance that evaluates and connects your sleep, CES-3activity levels, and nutrition. As the popularity of wearable fitness trackers continues to rise in 2016, it’s important for brands to stand out among competitors. The brands that will differentiate themselves and create meaning are the ones that recommend purposeful, positive action and real-time behavioral changes based on the patterns they observe, said Executive Director of Strategic Services Jack Spaulding.


With every panel and booth we attended, we saw theemphasis of creating opportunities to improve our lives by making us smarter, healthier, more efficient, and more connected—both to the appliances and devices we use on a daily basis and to one another, said Director of Client Engagement Sarah Quackenbush.CES-1


As an agency that specializes in disruption and bold new ideas for our clients, we had a great time celebrating the innovative new technologies introduced at CES. We can’t wait until next year!