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A Very Merry Planit Gift Guide

A Very Merry Planit Gift Guide
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We’re rounding up some of our fav holiday gift ideas and sharing some creative, locally sourced businesses that are sure to have your loved one “oohing” and “ahhing” instead of low key regifting or returning your gift.

For Your Friend Who’s Always Stressed Out

A vacation somewhere tropical, inclusive of foods and drinks, for at least a week.


Give the gift of R&R. It can go a really long way for someone who needs a break. First, if they have a dog, kids or a partner (who doesn’t stop talking), offer to watch them for a while so your friend can savor some peace and quiet. Next, put together a “Bundle of Chill” for them to enjoy. Our friends at Mount Royal Soaps are the experts on all things hygge.

While we’re at it, throw in some CBD from the Holistic Pharmacy at the Curio Wellness Center and set up their Sonos to play some super chill music from Still Bones or Rain the Shining.

Now, if you’re the stressed out person, we highly (see what we did there?) recommend swinging to your local dispensary and getting some Curio product*. Having trouble sleeping? Good Night will give the gift of deep, restful sleep thanks to their patented pulse technology. Need something during your waking hours? Grab some chews, flowers or vapes. There’s a reason Herb featured them as a 2021 brand to watch!

*OUR CYA: this gift would be for yourself, as long as you have your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card.

For the Little One in Your Life

If you can’t afford the $300 Barbie Dream House – or don’t want another toy cluttering your home – a gift certificate or day-date to Port Discovery offers the gift of play. Located in the historic Fish Market building in Baltimore, Port Discovery is ranked among the top five Children’s Museums in the country! It has three floors of hands-on, interactive exhibits that encourage kids to use their imaginations, ask questions, and explore how things work. A great experience to share! Not only do they offer single day passes to visit, play and discover, but they’re currently offering a $10 off membership promotion, offering new members unlimited general admission all year long and exclusive access to member only events.

For The Big Person Who Is Owned By the Little One

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. We’re biased, but Order & Chaos is the place to stock up so your daily caffeine habit is fully fueled. Grab a hot cuppa’, a bag of coffee to enjoy at home, and your soon-to-be favorite, new coffee mug. While you’re at it, jump start the day with delicious, freshly made THB bagels shipped to your front door. THB even ships fresh bagels nationally! With 15 flavors from which to choose, your taste buds will thank you. (Pro tip – THB bagels can be frozen for up to three months and conveniently come with freezer bags, making it easy to stock up for winter.)

All gifts listed in “For Your Friend Who’s Always Stressed Out” apply here as well.

For Grammy and Grampie

Whether they live near or far, they’ll love adding new decor that highlights some of their favorite memories, people and/or fur-babies. Enter ArtSnap. For just $9 including shipping, you can send Pops the most meaningful moments from the past year to have him smiling all year long.

For the Friend Who Loves Booze

Grab your friend and head up to Parkton for a visit to Big Truck Farm Brewery. The Instagram-worthy Brewhouse and Taproom is an 1840’s timber frame barn which was formerly the home to a brick manufacturing facility in Ohio. They brought it to Maryland and sat it on 10 picturesque acres. Specifically, the Taproom sits on the highest point of the farm, offering breathtaking views from sunrise to sunset. Their Core Collection is always on tap and ready to carry-out.

For the Nature Enthusiast

For the animal lover in your life, consider Lyric Wild Bird Seed to attract the widest range of birds to your outdoor feeder throughout the winter, available at local independent garden and hardware stores. Premium, hand-crafted bird food options for birds – and bird watchers – of every feather, the company takes a no waste philosophy to creating high quality, nutritional bird food and its manufacturing process.

For the Person Who Has Huge Heart*

Pick a charity or organization that’s near and dear to your loved one’s heart, and make a special donation in their name.

We love the SECU MD Foundation. Their mission is to create a stronger Maryland by empowering access to education, supporting health and wellness, and serving as a catalyst for community development. Donations to the SECU MD Foundation support their scholarship program and their non-profit grant program. (They awarded nearly $200K in scholarships and nonprofit grants in 2021 alone!) SECU is a champion of spreading kindness and leading by example.

Other great places to which you can make a donation:

*This could also work for the person who goes out and buys everything themselves, leaving nothing left on their gift list. Also a great gift for a boss, Grandma, your Dad’s great Aunt Bobbie, etc. Really, this is a great gift for anyone.