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11 Tips For Staying Creative While Working From Home

11 Tips For Staying Creative While Working From Home
written by
Planit Agency

Times being what they are, there’s a good chance you’ve been thrust into an unexpected remote work situation. Thanks to the COVID-19 (or coronavirus, if you’re not a scientist) outbreak, you’re in hell. We mean you’re a bona fide Work From Home Warrior. Or whatever.

We feel you. We at Planit are largely new to that scene. That “oh my goodness, 1,000 square feet is actually really small and I think I hate all my throw pillows and teachers all deserve raises” scene. So, we had a few of our crew (rhyming can be therapeutic) weigh in with tips on keeping a creative edge during these decidedly trying times.

1. “Keeping it tight social distancing style: I’ve resorted to using soup cans (some sort of chicken dumpling) and gallons of water (admittedly a lot heavier than I’d initially anticipated) as weights to do classes streamed live on Instagram from REV Cycle.” – Nicole DeMarco, Copywriter/Copyeditor

2. “Go for a walk at the end of the day to put some finality to the work day, instead of just working endlessly.” – TJ Sanders, Digital Strategy Supervisor

3. “Keep the room you work in well-lit and, weather permitting, open your windows for fresh air.” – Kyle O’Rourke, Account Executive

4. “I’ve been doing push ups every hour to keep my mind and body going. I don’t know if it’s helping, but maybe I’ll look like Superman when I get back to the office.” – Harry Hammel, PR & Social Media Manager

5. “Have a separate space to work than where you sleep or hang out!” – Rita Anand, Senior Media Specialist

6. “Make your breaks during the workday count. Follow a Skillshare tutorial to learn a new skill or technique, go for a walk and take pictures to edit later, make a bomb playlist to enjoy while working, learn TikTok dances (don’t judge me), sketch in my sketchbook, etc.” – George Nichols, Designer

7. “Spice up your team video calls with a Best Hat contest.” – Matt Doud, President

8. “I exclusively listen to new music when I need to get in the zone. Something about not knowing the words or tune makes it the exact background noise I need while working in a new environment.” – Kendall Dougherty, PR & Social Media Manager

9. “Take mental breaks with time outside. Going for runs and seeing people out-and-about (from a safe distance) reminds me that we are choosing to stay home and are not locked in our house. It gives me a fresh perspective when I’m starting to feel trapped.” – Ashlene Larson, Director of PR & Social Media

10. “Keep the same social schedule, but virtually! I play on a trivia team every Wednesday and while we couldn’t play together this week, we still virtually hung out and got take-out from the place we usually play!” – Becca Riley, Video Specialist

11. “Establish a routine that emphasizes productivity and boundaries. While those slippers and PJ pants are super comfy, there are psychological benefits to establishing a morning routine, dressing the part, and having a designated workspace.” – Stacey Bollinger, PR & Social Media Supervisor