Features Wishlist: Photoshop CS4

Planit Agency
January 28, 2010

Welcome to the first installment of "Features Wishlist," where we take the products we love and ask the question, "Why? Why do you not have that feature?"

Adobe Photoshop has become a staple for all designers–print, web and beyond. Though, in its 10+ year history there have been features and functions that have just not made the cut. Whether they were left out by committee, or were just never considered, I'm not really sure why these features don't exist. But, as you'll see from this list, we're not asking for the world here. We're asking for basic functions that would make our lives as designers easier. Please contribute to this list, because who knows, maybe the right people will see it and make the next Creative Suite release a winner!

Why doesn't Photoshop CS4 have:

1) A Triangle Tool

Triangle Tool in PhotoshopAs a web designer, I find myself having to delete a single corner from a square shape way too often to not have a triangle feature in Photoshop by now. Hey Adobe, are you trying to tell me that people need polygons and stars more than triangles?!? UPDATE: I'm aware that triangles are polygons with 3 sides. My point is that there is still no triangle tool. A one-step triangle.


2) A Layer Search

When it comes to setting up Photoshop files, I'd like to consider myself relatively organized. I label layers and even order them as they display in the design. Sometimes though, documents can get a bit unruly and difficult to mine through for the right layer. Why, Photoshop, do you not allow me to search for labeled layers that may be buried deep within the depths of giant files. I know this function exists in AfterEffects, so you know what I'm talking about, Adobe.

3) A Lorem Ipsum clipboard

Lorem Ipsum Clipboard in PhotoshopEvery designer uses lorem ipsum. Why, Photoshop, have you not built in a lorem ipsum panel for designers to easily place Greek'ed text into their designs?



4) Math in the Transform Palette

Math in the Transform Pallete in PhotoshopThe most convenient (and certainly my favorite) function in Illustrator, is the ability to select an object(s), and then alter the dimensions of said object(s) by using the transform palette like a calculator. If you didn't know that, it's amazing. Why, Adobe, would you not carry this feature over into Photoshop. You're killing me.

5) Adjustment Layers for folders

Adjustment Layers for folders in PhotoshopOk, so I have a folder filled with images within a larger Photoshop file. I want to de-saturate all of the images in just the folder. Why, Photoshop, can I not create an adjustment layer for just that folder.


6) An Artboard over Canvas option

For the longest time Illustrator was my program of choice for most web design projects. Since it serves as more of a layout tool than Photoshop, it was more efficient to use the artboard as my design workspace. Long-story-short, I wish Photoshop offered users the option to use a non-confining artboard (like Illustrator).

7) The ability to delete everything outside of a marquee selection…beyond the canvas border

So, you just placed a large image on to your canvas. You want to trim (instead of mask) the excess parts of the image you don't need in your design. You select the area you want to keep and select the inverse. You hit delete. The problem is it doesn't delete the excess image that sits beyond the canvas dimensions. Why, Photoshop? WHY?!?! Photoshop CS4, don't get me wrong, you are a fantastic program. You have many amazing functions that make all of our lives easier, but if you could just make these small changes and get back to me by CS5 we'll be cool.