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Investing in Content for Us and Our Clients

Investing in Content for Us and Our Clients
written by
Creative StrategistCo-Founder

In our industry, we’re always planning for the “next big thing.”

Our clients trust us to know what’s coming and to identify the best opportunities to efficiently reach and engage with their target audiences. These days, the discussions inside Planit aren’t just about the latest tech or new ad serving platform – they’re about something far more transformational. And though it’s not exactly “new,” a surprisingly small number of the savviest brands are jumping in. Fewer still are getting it right. But for the brands that have it figured out, it’s been a major game changer, and a powerful driver of growth (and revenue).

No one wants to be advertised to; what we want is real, authentic, entertaining, engaging content.

As marketers, we have to ask ourselves: Would our audiences rather read a magazine to learn how the newest fitness product is leveraging emerging technology? Or would they rather see and hear from the world-class team of innovators that created it? Is it more meaningful to read an article about the CEO of an industry-leading cosmetic brand, or to hear her personal vision for the company, in her own voice?

One thing is for certain: the brands that understand and deliver the type of information their consumers are looking for provide extraordinary value far beyond the products or services they sell. They are building new and extremely meaningful relationships with their customers, cultivating loyalty and stimulating the next generation of brand ambassadors.

In order to meet the changing needs of consumers, agencies must adapt faster than the brands they represent. Planit’s been successful because as much as we’ve grown, we’ve remained nimble enough to leverage our internal mindshare and create mini editorial teams capable of turning our clients into brand publishers.

Of course, advertising still plays a critical role in driving overall awareness, but for those brands willing to go all in and trust their agency partners to help them develop and deliver valuable branded content, the rewards far outweigh the risk.