Super Bowl Ads, 2010. My 2 cents.

Planit Agency
February 8, 2010

In no particular order, here’s my cynical review of the Super Bowl ads. This year, the game was better than the ads.

Use this handy embed to remind yourselves of the commercials:


Budweiser: Fences – lame excuse to simply use the Clydesdales. Next time, have a point.

Budweiser: Bridge – follows the classic Super Bowl story model. Clever, but not revolutionary.

Bud Light: Stranded – obvious play on lost phenomenon. Humorous & clever…unless you don’t watch Lost.

Audi: Green Car – Love Cheap Trick’s Dream Police play for the theme song. Nice use of humor to make the point. And the car is cool looking.

Boost Mobile: Shuffle – so sad.

Bridgestone: Whale of a Tale – Nice nod to The Hangover…but what was the ad for again?

Bridgestone: Your Tires or Your Life – completely unexpected funny. One of my favorites. Timothy Richmond – I was waiting for it to end with “I don’t drink beer, but when I do it is Dos Equis." My wife liked it, though.

Career builder – too many men in tighty-whities and fart jokes. Get a real job teenagers.

Dodge: Man’s Last Stand – smart idea. Some things are just sacred to a man–like his car.

Coke: Sleepwalker – made me chuckle.

Google: Parisian Love – smart use of story-telling as a great way to show how the product actually works…in case you didn’t know.

Denny’s: Chickens – shut those damn chickens up. I don’t need to be reminded that eggs actually come out of a chicken.

Dockers: Men without pants – again, too many men in tighty-whities

Doritos – Coffin spot, dumb. Underdog, expected. House Rules – funny.

E-Trade – talking babies are a classic. Nice job re-invigorating an old standby.

I’m done with go-daddy. The concept of having an ad send me to a website might have worked 5 years ago. No more.

Hyundai: 10 Years/Favre – smart. Appropriate for the buy. The creative actually fit the message of longevity.

Snickers: Betty White – Would have been better if it wasn’t leaked to every morning show and website before the game. Not funny the 25th time.

Monster: Fiddling Beaver – my kids liked it.

FloTV: Moments – Engaging. Showed the product well. The Who was a nice fit, too. The other FloTV spot, on the other hand, was co cliché…even with a cameo by Jim Nance.

VW: Punch Dub – where were the VW bugs? Saved by the ending with Stevie.