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Why is watching the big game such a big deal?

Why is watching the big game such a big deal?
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Every year, anticipation for Super Bowl ads rivals the anticipation for the game itself–and brands are looking to capitalize on that excitement by rolling out their spots, or at least teasers, early. Do these teasers on the internet and social media detract from the ads by taking away the surprise of seeing them for the first time during the game?

While there is likely to be a huge number of people who will know the crux of every commercial that is going to run–it doesn’t matter. Most of the time there is real comfort in familiarity. Being teased with trailers on the internet and social channels gives those who desire it a leg up before being in front of family and peers during the Super Bowl. One can choose to be an “ad expert” by kickoff.

footballSeveral ads have already caught my attention this year, including some commercials I’ve only seen in teaser form–Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan for Bud Light, Marilyn Monroe for Snickers, and with Lil Wayne. What little I have seen has made me want to see where they’ll go creatively.

Hoping to benefit from the Super Bowl buzz, and despite this year’s record $5 million price tag, many brands are lining up to be part of the event for the first time–among them, Amazon, LG Electronics, and Advertisers that had big hits last year, like Snickers and Kia, are hoping for repeat performances. Celebrities will also have huge starring roles this year’s ads.

Why are the commercials as big a deal as the game to some people?

For non-football people, if you’re going to have to sit in front of that stupid TV for four hours, you’ll at least have the ads to keep you entertained.

For football people, it’s equally important that the ads be memorable and entertaining. Especially if the game isn’t competitive from kickoff to finish.

I go to a Super Bowl party every year, and the room gets absolutely silent during the commercials. No one needs to be quiet to watch the game, but everyone seems to want to hear and watch the ads–especially the spots right before

Whether you love the total package or suffer through the football for the commercials–Super Bowl Sunday boasts one of the largest TV audiences of the year, and the next day you do not want to be in the “didn’t watch” club.