Growing more than crops.

How Planit is helping AGCO elevate its global leadership status.

Growing more than crops.
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Client Challenge

ACGO needed a fully integrated agency to help reposition their corporate brand, build awareness of their products and services, and increase market share through global unification of their core brands. Enter Planit.

Planit's Solution

Agricultural demands, trends and influences for a mid-size farm in Denmark can be vastly different than those for a small farm in Zimbabwe or a multimillion-acre commercial enterprise in South Carolina. Highly targeted social media programs allowed us to manage global variances with messages more appropriate, relevant and, therefore, impactful.

Albeit a good problem to have, AGCO’s core brands are used in different (and often disparate) parts of the world, with very little consumer awareness of their relatedness and/or manufacturing synergies. By helping to create a unified position for the parent brand, we were able to help galvanize internal audiences and promote cross selling opportunities and halo-effect goodwill across brands for commercial farms that were previously unaware of AGCO (and its brands’) powerful working relationships.

Corporate Rebranding

A whole new corporate brand essence (“Leading the way. Fearlessly.”) and supporting marketing materials to foster company pride and bring new meaning to the AGCO brand.

AGCO Driving
Global Brand Summit Facilitation

Global branding workshops with the core tractor brands to define unified brand values, positioning, and visual identity across the various regions.

Revamped Social Media Presence

An engaging global social media presence that connects all of AGCO’s core and ancillary brands through ongoing and intensively collaborative social media strategies.

Launched New Service Initiatives

Helped grow knowledge of AGCO’s scale of services such as Seeding and Tillage, Biomass, and Fuse™Technologies.



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