Underground Overachiever.

How do you shift a gardener's routine from pulling to preventing?

Free yourself from weeding.
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Client's Challenge

With a weed killer, you spray a weed, it dies, you pull it, it grows back, repeat, repeat, repeat. Everyone knows that. But what most people don't know is with a weed preventer like Preen, you apply it before weeds start more weeding.

America's Number 1 Weed Killer

Planit's Solution

We launched a multi-channel campaign based one key insight: gardeners would rather be doing…anything but weeding. So we helped gardeners of all ages imagine what they can do with the 6 months of weed-blocking freedom that comes with Preen weed preventers.

Getting into the weeds.

From empty nesters to new homebuyers, we looked at audience segment data to determine what makes key audiences happy. Then we tailored our message to each and determined the best way to get it to them.

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100% weed-free. 100% digital.

To meet our audiences where they were actually spending their time, we had to take a new approach. This meant new channels, new capabilities, and, for the first time ever, Preen was going fully digital.



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