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New Year’s Marketing Resolutions You Should Make Now

New Year’s Marketing Resolutions You Should Make Now
written by
Executive Director of Strategy

The new year is just weeks away. And while it may seem far too early to make personal resolutions (those happen New Year’s Eve if you’re lucky, right?), it’s high time to think boldly about how you’ll market your business in 2019.

What will your organization achieve next year? How will marketing help you get there? Resolve now to drive success in the year ahead with:

Monitor your marketing health.

What’s a New Year’s plan without exercise? Marketing is no different. To build business strength, you need to know your muscles. Do you have clear objectives? Is your brand powerful? What are your audience personas?

Effectively reaching customers today is mastered by marketers who are flexible, limber, and always-on. Gone are the days of locking into an annual “set it and forget it” calendar. Rather, the exercise of performance marketing is about continuous vigilance, optimization, and small gains—a series of micro-adjustments instead of any one grand creative gesture.

Find a partner to help you deploy and analyze a marketing performance dashboard that connects your most valuable metrics from across the business, not just impressions and clicks. You’ll see results in real-time with an expert trainer to help you understand the impact and enhance your strategies.

Visit the Baltimore Business Journal’s Help Desk: Three New Year’s marketing resolutions you should make now to learn more.  

Don’t wait for the new year to make meaningful marketing a resolution. Building a thoughtful, data-informed, creatively provocative plan now means you’ll hit the ground running as soon as the ball drops on 2019. Cheers!