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Transforming Brands into Brand Publishers

Transforming Brands into Brand Publishers
written by
Director of Digital Strategy

Three Planit colleagues and I had the privilege of speaking at this year’s Public Relations Society of America conference hosted by Loyola University Maryland. Some of the region’s top PR and Social Media professionals representing an array of industries attended the PRSA conference. We shared our experiences of instituting a unique approach to Brand Publishing—also known as content marketing—to achieve the tenets of great PR: trust, reputation, and brand awareness.

The presentation embedded below was used during our discussion at the PRSA conference:

Some of the critical takeaways from this presentation:

What is brand publishing?

Planning, creating, and distributing content that helps specific customers make informed decisions. At the end of the day, it’s about earning customers, not buying them.

How can brand publishing help overcome common PR team challenges like:

  • Having limited access to website data
  • Often being detached from marketing initiatives
  • Rarely being asked to provide counsel regarding web content
  • Generating or gathering compelling stories in silos

How does Planit approach brand publishing?

Editorial teams made up of specialists from digital strategy, PR, social, and creative meet weekly on behalf of our clients to plan the development and distribution of content.

What makes content work?

  • Insights: Who are you trying to reach, and with what targeted message? Are you seeing results?
  • Quality: Is your content unique, engaging, and does it maintain journalistic integrity?
  • Frequency: Consistently creating monthly content builds more trust.
  • Distribution: If you build it…they will NOT come.

A demonstration of how brand publishing both reduces our dependency on investing in media and disciplines brands to act more like the media. By doing this, brands begin developing direct relationships with their customers.