UseKit: Bringing together helpful extensions in the name of productivity

Planit Agency
September 15, 2010

I spend a great deal of time collaborating, sharing, and commenting, both in and out of the office. That being said, I've used a lot of different browser plugins that come and go without much fanfare. Although they are usually great for a specific task (sending screenshots, posting to Facebook, adding comments), they usually aren't worth the extra browser real estate or don't work across browsers.

So I did some hunting today for a browser plugin that could bring together some of the more helpful tools without giving me a headache when I don't need them. useKit is a cross-platform, Firefox/Chrome/Safari plugin that allows you to:

Bookmark and add sticky notes to any page or any piece of content, then share your content with your friends who have useKit. Translate blocks of text. Tag map locations. Edit and debug HTML and Javascript. Print out sections or the entire page as you see it on the screen. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, etc.

All with a very neat hideable toolbar at the bottom of the browser. You can even add and remove any of these features from a simple control panel.

Here's the link to their site for a full explaination

I'd definitely check it out, especially If you've ever scared yourself off of toolbars with images like these:

Too Many Toolbars