Royal In the Lab

Building Buzz During Lock-Down.

How do you educate and engage customers when COVID cancels all trade shows?

Sell Through A New Lens.
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Client's Challenge

COVID-19 forced Royal Building Products to cancel all in-person trade shows. Since trade shows are big part of their selling process, they needed an interactive way to still engage with their pro audiences remotely, while offering their sales team maximum flexibility on which products they'd like to showcase.

Planit's Solution

We created an experience that transcended trade shows. Immersing Royal’s pro audience in a VR video series featuring Royal Product Scientists, Roy and Al (get it?), conducting outrageous and often hilarious experiments that put product innovation in the spotlight.

360 degrees of engagement.

Innovative products, meet innovative experience. Pros were invited to fully immerse themselves “In the Lab” with a special set of VR viewers.

Royal In the Lab Email
Virtual reality, inspired by reality.

Roy and Al were inspired by the real scientists in Royal’s R&D department and their rigorous (but not nearly as comical) testing procedures for quality and performance.