No Skips. All Summer.

Planit Agency
July 25, 2022
No Skips. All Summer.

Planit’s No-Skip Summer Playlist.

It’s a difficult, daunting, and perhaps self-reflective task to identify a singular summer anthem that best captures the magic of summertime. Never one to be deterred by a challenge, Planit team members shared their favorites. The result? We’ve curated the ultimate summer playlist for your next road trip or vacation, party or backyard cookout, late-night Sheetz run (we’ve all been there), or simply to celebrate the weekend.

From songs made famous by Tik Tok, classics that bring us back to our younger years, and nearly everything in between, without further adieu turn the volume up, hit play, and enjoy Planit’s Ultimate Summer No-Skip List featuring nearly 50 of our favorite “summer” tunes.

In no particular order here’s a small taste of what our Planiteers are jammin’ to this summer!

  1. ILY (I love you baby) – Surf Mesa
    “To me, it reminds me of driving to the beach, windows down, salty air just blowing through my hair. And I totally dig the beat.” – Stacey Bollinger
  2. Lemonhaze – PawPawRod
    “Because it’s the big shit that’s gonna kill you anyway.” – Ashton Menefee
  3. Pomps & Pride – Toots & The Maytals
    “Toots exudes summer vibes. This is feel-good music that goes great with a summer view and some summer self-medicating (whatever that means to you).” – Matt Ryan
  4. Sunday Best – Surfaces
    “Love the energy and sentiment – Feeling good…Feeling blessed, never stressed.” – Brenda Showell
  5. The Motto – Tiesto, Ava Max
    “Close your eyes and imagine yourself drinking a cold one at the beach and pool with friends around. Think about the type of song you want to listen to during this moment. Enter “The Motto” by Tiesto.” – Harry Hammel
  6. Close to You – Dayglow
    “It was released while I was staying in Costa Rica two Februarys ago. It’s fun and breezy, and makes me think of that great experience.” – Ryan Smith
  7. King Without a Crown (the live version) – Matisyahu
    “Takes me back to summers living at the beach.” – Liz Borcik
  8. AirBNB – Wax
    “Great vibes – perfect for the road trip out to the AirBNB.” – Galen Frazer
  9. Our Song – Taylor Swift
    “It’s incredibly and nostalgically tied to the summertime for me, as I grew up listening to it on summer road trips, and it still remains on my road trip and summer playlists to this day! Something about country music is also always super reminiscent of summertime for me.” – Emily O’Keefe
  10. Summer in the City – Lovin Spoonful
    “I’ve never gone ‘runnin’ up the stairs’ to meet anyone ‘on the rooftop’ but I’ve always wanted to.” – Scott Shulim
  11. Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Wailers
    “It just makes you want to stroll on the beach with a daiquiri or kick back in a hammock and sway the day away.” – Maryn Jacobs
  12. Rumble – Link Wray & His Ray Men
    “This is just the coolest little rockabilly/surf rock guitar instrumental ever. Every time I hear it, it just makes me think of pure freedom and summertime….It’s a dead-simple, two-and-a-half-minute guitar jam that will prime you for anything worthwhile you’re about to do this summer – Even if that is just putting on a pair of dark sunglasses and walking into your backyard in slow motion to crack open a Miller High Life.” – Adam Aud
  13. Despues de La Playa – Bad Bunny
    “….it’s the epitome of Puerto Rican music!!!” – Susana Watkins
  14. Woo! – Panda Bear Remix – Remi Wolf and Panda Bear
    “It’s balmy, energetic, and joyous, all things I embrace and expect of my east coast summers.” – Ryan Thurber
  15. This is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
    “90s Nostalgia! Makes me feel like I’m cookout ready, or about to head to the pool, good nostalgic vibes.” – Bianca Williams
  16. Juice – Lizzo
    “Because it is fun! It reminds me of [sunny] days in San Diego.” – Ken Carter
  17. River of Dreams – Billy Joel
    “I mean Billy Joel is great any time of the year but ‘River of Dreams’ just really makes me want to lay in a hammock on a summer day and just chill.” – Margaret Kellogg
  18. Slide – Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos
    “2017 was one of the best years for hip-hop. The summer was expecting a high volume of anticipated music. This song was one that had come out. I used to take my doors and top off of my Jeep and drive all day and night frequently playing this song. So now I always think of this song when summer comes around.” – Tyler Zent
  19. West Coast – One Republic
    “I need the sun and an escape.” – Ed Callahan
  20. Saturdays by Twin Shadows & HAIM
    “​​I discovered this song in summer so it always reminds me of being outside — plus SATURDAYS! What’s not to love about Saturdays in the summer?” – Emily Hough
  21. Homegrown – Zach Brown band
    “This song always reminds me of the festival I attended on the beach last summer. Every time it comes on, it takes me back to being on a beach with all of my close friends for a nice long weekend.” – Daysi Perez
  22. Drake – Passionfruit
    “Nostalgia. 2017 was one of my favorite summers of all time” – Semir Mussa
  23. Do You Remember – Chance the Rapper featuring Death Cab for Cutie
    “It’s about Chicago – one of my favorite places in the summer.” – Madelynn Graham
  24. Range Life – Pavement
    “It’s a breezy tune that feels like the last summer of high school. Aimlessly skating around while jamming to your walkman, trying to figure out where life is going to take you and what your place in the world even is—the kind of feeling you think you’ll leave behind with your adolescence but seems to come back around again every summer.” – David Coursey
  25. Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse – Minus the Bear
    “‘Let’s cross the sea and get some culture…’ this song reminds me of summer travel and takes me back to another time and place.” – Ashlene Larson
  26. Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
    “Because it feels like summer. It’s positive, bright, and nostalgic. Summer memories are some of the best memories.” – Jed Jecelin“It makes me happy. I love to sing every single word. I hear it and it’s like ‘popping the water plug, just for old times’ sake.” – Trevor Villet