Breaking Boundaries

Helping Dr. Brandt Skincare shatter the divide between science and beauty.



The Dr. made an appointment with us

When CDFConsulting needed help elevating its client, Dr. Brandt, to its rightful position as the leader in beauty and skincare, they knew Planit had the capabilities and knowledge they were looking for.

We began by developing a modern look and feel for the brand, taking cues from both haute couture fashion houses and the private art collection of company founder Dr. Fredric Brandt. What resulted was a full digital evolution that pushed the boundaries of dermatology and cosmetics. As a result, Dr. Brandt has evolved from a strictly transactional ecommerce website into an extensive digital resource capable of making meaningful connections with consumers by offering them an intuitive and dynamic user experience that encourages exploration.


  • The Brains behind the beauty

    The Brains behind the beauty

    Through the thoughtful consideration of Dr. Brandt’s target consumer, as well as ecommerce and beauty industry best practices, the new site is also a powerful revenue generator that utilizes auto-replenishment capabilities and an easy-to-manage loyalty program. Immersive featured product sections streamline the path to purchase and incorporate videos, consumer reviews, and science-based product descriptions.

  • Through a whole new lens

    Through a whole new lens

    Challenging the norms of traditional cosmeti-ceutical marketing, Planit transformed product photography from sterile and clinical into a decidedly more creative, fashion-inspired aesthetic. This approach artfully conveys the brand’s commitment to scientific innovation in a way that is authentic and consistent with the Dr. Brandt brand.

  • Education is the Rx

    Education is the Rx

    One of Dr. Brandt’s foundational beliefs is in the education of their consumers. The challenge was combining educational content with a best-in-class ecommerce experience. Planit incorporated the ‘Your Skin’ page within the site to engage consumers, allowing Dr. Brandt Skincare to become a trusted advisor, leveraging Dr. Brandt’s dermatologic roots and history in science-based product development.

  • Selling the drama

    Selling the drama

    As a global skincare brand, Dr. Brandt has an extensive network of representatives that are tasked with being brand advocates. These individuals need to understand both the brand and its products to be successful. The development of the digital brand bible allows the Dr. Brandt team to provide their representatives with their story, in their words, no matter where they are.

A gorgeous online experience, inside and out

Planit created a flagship online store demonstrating the care the brand puts into its products by artfully weaving science into the site’s narrative Masterfully weaving science into the site’s narrative brings the brand’s focus on education and research to the forefront without compromising consumers’ ecommerce experience. Dr. Brandt Skincare works to establish an emotional connection with their consumers—not only by paying special tribute to founder and namesake Dr. Fredric Brandt, but by highlighting its skincare advisory board members. Today the brand is well-poised to double in size within four years—with potential to eclipse the $150 million mark by 2020.